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Hi there.

This is John Delavera.

Thanks for accepting my invitation to this site. This is my newsletter and if you want to make the Net work for you, then this newsletter can be a life experience for you. No big promises here... just the facts. Click to read the testimonials and you'll understand what I am saying.

Upon your subscription to this newsletter, you will start receiving the first 4 parts of my best seller ebook: "My Early Days On The Net." To give you an idea: Just 1 part of this ebook is able to make you UNDERSTAND how HTML works. Yep... just 1 part of the ebook. Expect to receive more eye-revealing articles too - all written through my heart. You will also receive my alerts every now and again.

There are tons of reasons why you must subscribe with this newsletter. I'll tell you some basic ones, and then you'll also read some other TONS or reasons for NOT being subscribed too.

  • I do not suggest what I have not tested before.

  • I do not promote what has no value.

  • I do not agree with easy-going money and/or MLM schemes. Actually: I hate them.

  • I do not promise you that you'll build Rome in 1 night, aka. that you will become a web tycoon in 30 days. This is not possible and you'd fly away from everyone that promises this to you. 

  • I do not endorse products and/or services that can be found for free on the Net, or packaged with other goodies & sold for a penny. Your wallet has the same value my wallet has - in fact, in most of the cases, I use my wallet to offer you the best deals on the Net.

If the above seem "too much" for you, then you do not know me well. I hope you will have the chance to know me better and also hope that I shall have the chance to learn who you are and what you want to do in this life...

As said, there are many reasons you'd stay out of this newsletter... Here are some:

  • If you do not wish to stay informed about what's hot in Internet Marketing, then do not subscribe with this newsletter.

  • If you do not have time and/or use a system that needs me to click and verify that I sent you a message, please do not subscribe with this newsletter.

  • If you are easily offended by the spoken undeniable and without doubts TRUTH then do not subscribe with this newsletter.

  • If you "do not have the time" to read your email in general and feel overwhelmed then please do not fill the form below.

  • If you frustrate easily, panic without a reason in general, cannot control your time, have no clue what HTML is, what Internet Marketing is, etc.. then you may NOT subscribe with this newsletter - unless you are decided to change your bad habits. I ask this not for preserving peace in my mind, but mainly because you must first recognize your vulnerability and then try to blame others for your "bad luck."

  • If you do believe in luck and that good luck comes with no hard work, then do not subscribe with this newsletter.

I think the above are the basics...


Allow me to tell you that magic things can happen in your life, if you allow yourself to accept them and also if you INVITE then to HAPPEN. Life is a magic 'game' indeed and Internet makes it enjoyable too. The fact is that people are making millions of dollars today on the Net. Can you do the same?

This is the question...

As you will see - if you embark on this adventure through my newsletter - the answer to the question is hidden deeply in your inner self. YOU and ONLY YOU can give the solution and save yourself.

You cannot imagine.. or better: you have no idea how simple the rules of Internet Marketing are. I can transmit this idea to you. Then you need to work on your future. And then you'll remember the day you subscribed with this newsletter.

Ah! By the way...

You will receive tons of bonuses too upon the completion of your subscription...

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Bonus #9: Support Videos: How to create a MySQL DB
Bonus #10: Report: From PR0 to PR4
Bonus #11:
Report: Blogging Tactics - Getting Started

...but please do not subscribe only for the bonuses... .

Last point of interest:

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